Biyernes, Disyembre 11, 2015

Welcome to my blog. To share you my words of wisdom, no hate please, it's all plainly just my thoughts that I want you people to know, or hear. I know some will not agree so let's just spread our love and not hate.

Life is a Traveler's Road

Life is a long journey, it is not easy, it has never been easy. We didn't even chose to be here, we are born without our liking, we are born in this very dangerous place where we could meet human, people that are so hard to understand. They'll make you cry, sad, angry, happy, laugh, they can even pretend to be your friend, for people are good pretenders. But not all, I repeat NOT ALL! There are still quite a few people who truly loves and cares for others, though. QUITE A FEW.

Life is long tiring travel you don't know who you'll meet, and it is hard to identify who is the best person to be with. You don't know where you'll be, what path you'll be going on. It is really tiring, for you are clueless on what's going to happen in this life. Tiring, exhausting! All you do is think of what's the best thing to do, but life, long, tiring but it is still all up to fate! You're not the one who decides where you'll be, you're just the one who is working for it, for it is all written, it is in your book of life. All you have to do is work on your faith, because still even though we don't hold our life, we can change it for the way we want it, if we go, work hard with prayers, and BIG FAITH, dreams do come true! Just never forget why we are here.


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